Manuals - There are THREE types; owner operator manuals which in a few pages tell you how to start, mount and maintain your seagull with many useful tips, the service manual which tells you how to perform nearly all the service operations and the spares manual which gives you blow up diagrams and identifies all parts and parts numbers. 

When we had our shop we saw more problems associated with NOT reading the manual ( what manual" or "nobody told me that" or "I didn't know that!") than any other factor. You can take a perfectly fine engine with brilliant engineering, top of the line materials and an ability to last for many decades and completely ruin in by simply not reading and following basic instructions in the manual. 

One huge advantage owning a British Seagull engine is that you can fix it yourself with only basic tools AND the service manual. That saves you money, gives you a great working knowledge of your engine and helps to establish a safe and very dependable outboard when you need it! 

For ease of purchase we have placed instant buy buttons on two of the manuals. If there are any questions please ask. You can do this by sending us an e-mail and including your engine's serial number. Please note that shipping is calculated for North American addresses only. Please request shipping charges for locations outside of north america. 

How to tell which ignition system your seagull has:

Villiers Mk1 - silver flywheel, pre 1967, three access holes in the top of the flywheel (you can see these holes when the pulley plate is off). Points are located in a small brass can with removable top for setting. Points coil is visible. Points gap is .020"

Wipac Mk2 -brass painted flywheel ( previous owner may have repainted so be careful) two access holes in top of flywheel. Points are visible, coil is ecapsulated in black epoxy. Points gap is .020"

Mk3 CD ignition - silver flywheel two access holes, no points- electronic ignition

Mk4 CD ignition - silver flywheel two access holes, groove in outer side surface of flywheel, no points -electronic ignition

how to order - the new owner will be setting up these items on paypal soon please contact him for details at

BRITISH SEAGULL SPARES BOOK, covers all models (classics) except models 125, 170 and QB series, showing exploded diagrams of Seagull motors including gear boxes, powerheads, carbs and legs and parts numbers:,also shows you which parts are interchangeable with other seagulls. includes listing of all models and production years, soft cover, large format 6X8" 62 pages, ($17.50US)Please Use the instant buy button below to purchase. 



BRITISH SEAGULL OUTBOARD SERVICE MANUAL, covers all models (classics) except.This covers the majority of seagulls.  (Does not cover the newest model seagulls models 125, 170 and QB series) showing exploded diagrams of Seagull motors and parts numbers:, specific instructions on how to perform repair operations, same manual mechanics use to fix your seagull, soft cover, large format 8 1/2X12" 56 pages, ($25.50US)

BRITISH SEAGULL Operators Handbook, covers all models (classics) with the mk1(villiers) and mk2(Wipac) ignition systems. (does not cover models with electronic ignition Mk3 and Mk4 ignition systems)  small format booklet with instructions for operating and mounting your seagull ($12.75US)


BRITISH SEAGULL Operators Handbook, covers all models (classics) with "blue tops" with the mk3(Wipac) and mk4(Wipac) ignition systems including featherweight model 45. models 55,75,80,90 except models 125, 170 and QB series, small format 6"X8"  26 page booklet with instructions for operating and mounting your seagull ($14.55US)

BRITISH SEAGULL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, MODEL 102, (the older style seagull with the round one piece cylinder) photocopy of 24th edition showing exploded diagrams of Seagull motors and parts numbers:19 pages, small format, $8US



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