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Welcome to our Swap and Shop page where you can buy and sell seagull parts and motors. The sales are directly between the person listing the item and the person buying the item. We will only list British Seagull engines, parts and manuals. Listings from sellers and buyers are accepted from all over the world! And its FREE too!

The person listing the item is requested to provide a brief and accurate description of the item and to disclose any information about the item that would affect its value. Example- is it in working condition or not? Is it complete or not. Is it damaged or not. When selling a british seagull  please include the full serial number to help identify it. Also please provide an email address where you can be reached. You should include your location (city) so that buyers will be able to consider shipping costs and the price you are asking. A digital photo in jpg format helps too. Please send all the information via e-mail to and I will post it for you. 

The engines are selling like hotcakes here and all for free too!!! 


I have a 1977 British Seagull Forty Featherweight, 2 HP motor I'd like to sell.
It's in running condition; very clean, but not pristine; has a home-made motor mount which works fine.
SOLD July 2/2005

I have for sale a Model 110 / Model 90 British Seagull long-shaft outboard motor, serial number EFNRL 687DD9, manufactured April 1979. This motor is in very good running and cosmetic condition and needs no parts or repair.  It came on a 25' sailboat that I bought in 1984, and would propel this 4000#  keel boat at hull speed.  It has seen only light use in fresh water, has no electrolysis, and always starts on the second pull. SOLD



Includes Service Manual, Operating Instructions, Owners Handbook, Parts Manual, Spares Manual, Orig Brochures, Guarantee Form, Pertinent Fact and Engine stand.

Restored less engine tear-down. Ran super 15 years ago and has not been in the water since $275.00 OBO


I have a 1965 long shaft seagull in good working condition. It seems to be all original parts. I would like to sell if anyone interested in picking it up from North Vancouver BC. I also have 40 liters of 140 weight oil for it also and will sell that too. No reasonably offer refused and first come, first to take it. I will let it go very, very cheap! I bought it in hoping to put it on my canoe but itís too heavy.  lol


FOR SALE 1983 3hp British Seagull motor.  This is a Model 60 motor made in Jan 1983. The serial number is EFPW 710 AA3.  This motor probably has fewer hours on it than most any other Seagull.  It was given to me by a relative who never used it.  It came with an Avon inflatable raft but he already had an outboard.  He gave me this motor and it has been in my garage for years. I used it once for Steelhead fishing.  Iíve recently started the motor in a barrel, it fired over just fine.  Look at the pictures and youíll see no signs of rust or ware.  There are still stickers on this motor from when it was new.  This motor has a large 4 blade prop and it would be perfect for pushing your sailboat or dingy.  It has a new spark plug, clean fuel tank, and is ready for all of your adventures!!  You will be delighted, especially if you are a collector or enthusiast.  E-mail for shipping costs. Thanks for looking.



PRICE $675.00



1964 British Seagull forty plus 3 hp- $350 OBO

This British Seagull Forty Plus was manufactured between l956 and 1967.  The serial number is SJP1089B3.  I tuned it 8 years ago and it has sat since then.  I put fresh gas in and it fired on the second pull.  It is either a  2hp or 3hp with a 2ft shaft and a 4 blade propeller.  There is some rust on the edges of the tank along w/ some minor dents but overall in very good shape. $350 OBO Please email w/ any questions you might have.

1961 British Seagull forty plus 3 hp- $325 I have a 1961 British Seagull forty plus 3 HP outboard for sale.? I used it with my O'Day Day Sailer sailboat. I hadn't started if for about 1? 1/2 to 2 years.? Today I mixed up some fresh fuel, gave it a shot of carburator starter fluid and it started right away in a barrel. The serial number is SJP27120.? ?The brass fuel tank has a 1" wide dent on a corner.? Otherwise the motor is in good condition.? The owner's manual, shop manual and a bottle of 140 wt. gear oil are included.? The price is $325.00. 




British Seagull century cylinder used serviceable. This is a hard to find useable cylinder that has been cleaned and treated with a rust preservative ( wash off before use) Please note that is the larger 102 cylinder NOT the 64 cc cylinder found on 2 and 3 hp seagulls.  There are two types of 102 cc cylinders -one has the carb inlet on the port side and is used with the villiers type carb on Century seagulls. The other design has the carb inlet on the starboard side and is used with amal carbs on the silver century and silver century plus motors. THIS CYLINDER WILL ONLY FIT CENTURY SEAGULLS WITH THE VILLIERS CARB ON THE PORT SIDE. The century cylinders have a tendency to crack around the exhaust port. This one is fine. (no cracks!) $65US shipping and handling via expedited post to any North American address is $18  Paypal is preferred, other payment methods available. If unsure if it will fit please send me your seagull's serial number.Fits all  LLS, CP, CPC, WP, WPC models

Century cylinder including all four studs



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